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Dear Aspirants,

Quantitative Aptitude is an essential part of any competitive exam. If you see any question paper, then you can notice a section of it contain Quantitative Aptitude. Quantitative Aptitude is not as difficult as it sound from its name. If you can do the maths of your 10th class then it won’t be difficult for you to complete the Quantitative Aptitude part. But in Competitive exam you don’t only need to complete the question paper but to complete it in the specified time in which most of the candidate fails. Managing time is an art which you need to acquire from regular practice and by the knowledge of shortcut tricksto apply it in solving the questions. 
Quantitative Aptitude includes questions from various parts such as Numerical Ability, Number series, H.C.F and L.C.M, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Time & work, Speed- time and Distance, Data Interpretation etc. In each part you’ll get to know some shortcut tricks by applying which you can save your time. But before going to the shortcut rule directly you should understand the basics of all these parts first.


Number Series             
Number series with problems              
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Time & Work
Time& Distance
Permutations & Combinations
Data Interpretation
Data Insufficiency

All the best
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