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Dear Aspirants,

English has been an essential part of any competitive or aptitude exam conducted in India. In every competitive examlike SSC, IBPS, SBI, UPSC etc., English (General English and Grammar) is asked as one dedicated section and has weightage of around 20-25% in questions and marks. In some exams like SSC Tier – II and UPSC, there are independent papers of English which play a major role in the selection process. Therefore, a good grip over English is compulsory to clear any competitive exam and get a good government job.

Also, a good knowledge of English can help you in the improvement of other sections also. For example, in Verbal Reasoning there are many chapters that check your English language knowledge. If you don’t have a proper understanding of English, you can’t easily answer the questions of Analogy, Coding – Decoding, Statement – Conclusion.
So, when you think about cracking any competitive exam, you have to start preparing for English from the first day. The main benefit of learning English is that once you learn it, it will help you in every competitive exam and even in interviews of all the exams. Learn it and secure your future.

In this site, we are providing free material of English ( General questions, Grammar ) to prepare for all the competitive exams like English for SSC Exams, English for IBPS/SBI/LIC exams and many other such exams. You should just check the course of the exam you are opting for and then prepare accordingly by reading and practising with our wellresearched and chapter wise study materials.


All the best
Exam Portal team

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